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Claudia Hernandez Virto

Co-founder & director

Graduate in Advertising, Public Relations and Applied Communication from the University of Westminster. Master in digital marketing and e-commerce at EAE Business School. Responsible for e-commerce strategy and art direction.

Pizza🍕; Nájera🍷; Baile🕺🏼; Sol🌞; Rihanna; Painting; Sabrina; Pure blood🩸; Books; Kali; Climbing; DIY; Verbena; Nails💅🏼; Whip; ô; Iced coffee; Yass; pffff; Nvm; Arri; Sighs; Widow’s peak; Flow; Salseo, Smart ass; Bargain; Calendar; Trends; Well; 🙄

Markel Orozko Elorrieta

Co-founder & director

Law degree from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Law degree from Paris Nanterre. Master’s degree in marketing and commercial management from the University of the Basque Country. Responsible for campaigns and accounts.

Galba; Bao; ONG; Detector; Plantitas🌿; Metal; Abrazos🤗; Ya!; Txitxu; Salseo; Gorra🧢; Qué ilu; Setup; Genealogy; History; Rojo; Café solo☕; TikTok; Invito; Cocina; Merkel; Patata🥔; Cerve🍻; Diógenes; Videos📹; Gadgets; Moñas; Gabatxo; Txantxangorri;

Oihane Barrueta Aguiregoitia

Comunicación & Marketing junior

Graduated in Public Relations, Advertising and Applied Communication from the University of the Basque Country. Master in Neuromarketing from the International University of La Rioja. In charge of social networks and digital communication.

KWR: Flowers; 🐈; beach; 🎶; 🚗; pizza; ✈️; rhythmic gymnastics; ⚓️; 🛫; scaperoom; 🍣; nature; ; ; chocolate; ; 📽️; books; ⛰️; 🎢; coffee; 📚; ✒️; travel; 🌰; cook; 🐚; spring fall; 🍁; notebooks; 🚤 ; adventure; 🖍️;



Belvedere was born as a result of wanting to provide honest and collaborative services with a boutique approach. An approach that is hard to find in the industry today.

We bring our value through our knowledge and experience, dynamism and above all, passion for good work. We don’t care about the size of the client, its route, or its location, because we believe that every project is unique and capable of achieving its objectives.

The only way to get quality work is through empathy, understanding the needs of each clientx. Creating a relationship of real and honest trust, going hand in hand in the work process as if we were the same team.

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